Decorated Families

March 5, 2015 Decorated Families

The Christmas season is always busy for Christmas Decor. However, the winter of 2008 was different. Amongst all of the Christmas bustle and the spike in sales, Christmas Decor was distinguishing the families of those serving overseas by – what else? – decorating their homes, bringing a bit of the Christmas spirit to families who had an empty chair at the table. Over 100 homes were decked out in lights and Christmas decorations because of our Decorated Family Program, giving us a chance to thank our American armed forces for all of their and their family’s sacrifices.

Christmas Decor has been decorating the homes for military families since 2003. Over 375 franchisees have yearly donated their time, products, and resources, giving back for nearly eleven years to the families of those who protect America. Bob Landaker, branch manager of Christmas Decor of Kennewick, WA and Senske Lawn & Tree Care, had the idea for Decorated Family when he attended a dinner party and considered the families who would not be able to have Christmas dinner with their son or daughter serving overseas.
Deserving military families can be nominated for the “Decorated Family” program via the link on our website.