Driveway Lights

July 19, 2016 Driveway Lights

driveway lightsYou may have thought to illuminate your backyard and patio. But, have you ever considered lightening up your driveway? Driveway lights are important in helping to provide a safe and welcoming entrance to your house. Not only can the lights guide you home, but they also offer another level of security to your property. You can know exactly who’s coming down your driveway! Let’s take a look at some helpful installation tips.

When lighting a driveway, the first thing you’ll need to decide is if you want to use electrical or solar lights. Electrical lighting provides brighter illumination, is more durable and has many styles to choose from, while solar lighting is inexpensive and eco-friendly. If you choose fixtures powered by electricity then you’ll need to have wiring run along your driveway by an electrician or outdoor lighting specialist. Remember, Precision is fully certified and capable of creating a safe wiring for any outdoor lighting. A common mistake is over-lighting a driveway and ending up with a runway-like effect. Instead, just enough landscape lighting should be used to guide drivers safely along.

You should also consider the placement of your new driveway lights. You’ll want to illuminate any obstacles in your driveway like trees, walls, fences, boulders, or a hillside. And, adding lights alongside curves or bends in your way provides your guest with a safe way home. Lights are also very important at the entrance to a driveway and the destination, which is typically the front door or garage. Properly illuminating a driveway’s entrance provides a visual clue at night to drivers, while properly illuminating the destination makes parking and exiting a vehicle safer.

There are many different fixture types and outdoor lighting effects that can be used for driveway lights. Most homeowners choose to use decorative lamppost or two at the entrance to a driveway. If you have a long, curving driveway consider lining the edges with path lights. This will help visiting drivers see the route that lies ahead of them. In order to avoid the runway effect, path lights should be placed every ten to fifteen feet on alternating sides of the driveway. Additionally, you may choose to highlight features or plants along your driveway. Often a few up-lights in trees or shrubs that line the driveway provide the perfect amount of light. Finally, exterior wall lanterns can be installed next to your garage doors, this will help illuminate the parking area of your driveway.

If you’ve seen the light and would like to speak with someone about installing driveway lighting, call Precision! You know our Shining Knights will shine a light on any questions you may have. We also provide professional installation services and maintain your properties’ landscaping and lighting. Call us today!