Illuminate Your Space: Outdoor Sconces

May 24, 2016 Illuminate Your Space: Outdoor Sconces

Shining NightsHomeowners are realizing that their outdoor spaces are a perfect opportunity to show their unique style and bring their home back to nature. One way to bring your space to life – and extend them over multiple seasons – is to beautifully illuminate the outside of your home. You can do this in a variety of ways, like adding spot and pot lights to your landscape and flowerbeds.

But, what about lights that serve a functional purpose but look incredible? If this is what you’re after, try outdoor sconces. A sconce is a light source that is bracketed to a wall or post and sconces come in a variety of styles, textures, and colors! Here are four key elements that you should consider before adding some sconces to your home and garden.

Did You Consider Diodes?
We’re seeing a larger variety of decorative products that are equipped with LED technology, lately. LED sources are a natural fit for outdoor applications, as they are highly efficient with a long life – ideal for areas where lights may be left on for hours at a time. LED also provides the same amount of light as a traditional bulb, but diodes use about half of your electricity. Lower cost and lower energy consumption should put LED sconces at the top of your list.

Getting Crafty (or metal-y, or woodsy…)
Now, here’s the fun part. Outdoor sconces come in about a million and three different styles, making them easy to fit into your stylish outdoor space. Hand-crafted materials and styles are high on the list for today’s homeowners – as craftsman design contributes to an authentic appeal for exterior areas. You can also look for fixtures with textured glass and rubbed metal finishes that are very popular for outdoor applications. If you like a more structured, industrial look, you can find a simple hardware inspired design. Really, the choices are endless!

Go Big or Go Home
Oversized, decorative fixtures that make a statement are becoming more prevalent – especially for homes with large facades. Homeowners don’t want their outdoor sconces to get lost when looking at the exterior from the road. Large, bold fixtures can really add to the overall curb appeal of your home – even at a distance.

Lantern Love
Don’t forget about our charming friend, the lantern. Outdoor sconces are traditionally a box shape, or use exposed bulbs. Lanterns provide soft, warm light to your space and are framed which creates the look of an art piece. Lanterns are making their way into both interior and exterior residential design. Offering a classic look and attractive frame, lanterns appeal to a wide range of homeowners – largely due to their ability to match a variety of architectural styles and tastes. What more could you want?

Remember, Precision’s Shining Nights are available 24-7, to help you with your lighting needs. Need a custom design? We’ve got you covered there too.