Inception Lighting

Inception Lighting

Permanent Colored LED Lighting for Residential and Commercial Customers

As one of the foremost local landscape lighting companies, Shining Nights understands the challenges of hanging colored lights, especially when a property owner needs to do this task several times a year. To make life easier for our residential and commercial clients, we proudly offer Inception LED outdoor lighting solutions. These permanent outdoor LED lights change colors at the touch of a button on the remote controller, thus ending the need to climb up and down ladders to change your seasonal outdoor lighting. With the ease of operating these LED lights, you can add beauty and fun to your home or commercial building with Inception™ color changing accent lights.

Explore the Features and Benefits of Our Color Changing LED Outdoor Lights

One of the reasons we choose to offer our valued customers Inception™ outdoor LED lights is because of their innovative features, high-performance, and outstanding quality.

Some of the innovative features and benefits of the permanent, coloring-changing LED lights we sell and install include:

  • Since the LED lights generate very little heat, they use a plastic casing. This makes them easy to customize and install for you, which means you can enjoy custom LED lights while spending less money than you would for the installation of conventional colored outdoor accent lighting.
  • A remote controller comes with Inception™ LED light packages, so changing the color of your outdoor lighting is simple and ladder-free.
  • The cloud-based controller system means you can use a smartphone app to adjust the color of your lighting and schedule the times they turn on and off.
  • LED lights are highly energy efficient, which means you can save as much as $7,000 on your home energy costs every ten years.

Best of all, you avoid the hassle of untangling and hanging holiday accent lights each year. To learn more about these innovative lights, give us a call today!