Outdoor LED Lighting

June 21, 2016 Outdoor LED Lighting

moon house2Precision Sprinklers and Lighting is all about outdoor night lights. It’s in our name for goodness sake! Whether its porch lights to welcome you home after sunset or ground-level lights that give your home landscape a dramatic nighttime flair, you’ll find more choices and options than ever before. Before you begin shopping for your newest lighting feature, consider one thing. Your bulbs. Everyone has heard that conventional incandescent bulbs are less effective than the newer LED bulbs and that they don’t necessarily meet the new energy-efficiency standards. Thus, integrated LED fixtures are easier to find than ever before. And, your old fixtures can still support LED use! We prefer to use LED lighting in our designs and we’re here to tell you why.

Integrated LED fixtures operate at lower wattage and include hardware that regulates the amount of electricity that they receive. Consequently, if you’re installing outdoor lighting for the first time, you’ll need less wiring than you would if you were to install a conventional fixture. (Unlike incandescent fixtures, integrated LED fixtures can be daisy-chained along a single strand of wire. Incandescent fixtures require additional wiring loops, depending on distances and the number of attached fixtures.) Plus, these LED fixtures take less time to install, which means less money spent on installation and more time spent enjoying your newly lit backyard.

LED lighting also comes with some pretty high tech features. You can now add wireless controllers! The control lets you remotely dim or brighten a range of outdoor lights either on demand or on a programmed schedule. Some lights even allow you to use your cellular phones to control the fixtures individually or in groups by using a free mobile application. Imagine! You could create customized light displays for different seasons and special occasions. And, when it comes to projecting light, LED bulbs have caught up. They are designed to be mounted in certain directions (up, down, sideways) and project light in different patterns (conical, fanned out, focused). So correctly paired LED bulbs and conventional fixtures project the right type and amount of light in the desired directions and patterns as well as a comparable integrated LED fixture does.

It’s so easy to see why Precision prefer LED light bulbs and fixtures. But, if you’re still not convinced, consider this. Low-voltage LED systems for outdoor lighting cost about the same as conventional systems to install, but they will save you tons of money when you factor in overall electric usage. If you still have questions, call Precision’s Shining Nights division. We can assist you with anything you need, whether it’s outdoor lighting questions, or 24-hour customer care.