Outdoor Lighting

Residential Lighting

Today’s homeowners find that architectural and landscape lighting allows them to extend the enjoyment of their landscape investment into the evening hours.

Commercial Lighting

Comprehensive and quality lighting solutions create a desired mood with customers and employees. Many discover that this mood enhances their productivity, while illuminating their business or restaurant in the perfect light.


Shining Nights will replace your bulbs, clean lenses, trim vegetation, adjust fixture positioning and fix minor electrical problems

Consultation & Estimate

The first step is to assess your project’s needs. We meet with client, visit the site, and create a vision with our design team. Because each home is different, we try to take the best qualities and elements of the home and educate the consumer on what would look best while merging what the customer is hoping for as well. We listen to the consumer’s wants and needs and we hear what’s important.


Upon acceptance of the quote, we will then coordinate the site work, landscape and hardscape elements to ensure that the project comes together in a timely and efficient manner. Our installation work usually takes one day to complete. Our team of highly qualified professionals will install low voltage systems for outdoor use. We will show you the right way to install. According to Mr. Mink, “A low voltage system is not only safer and more efficient, but it looks and works better too.”

Landscape Lighting System Continuing Care Agreements

In addition, Shining Nights offers a Landscape Lighting System Continuing Care Agreement. For a nominal annual fee, we will maintain your landscape lighting system investment. This includes:
  • Replacement of all bulbs (one time)
  • Reset timers
  • Lubricate lamp sockets
  • Test voltage at fixtures
  • Minor adjustment of fixtures for proper positioning
  • Apply weatherproof corrosion sealant to all contracts
  • Apply ultraviolet protective coating to fixtures
  • Recommend enhancements to lighting program