Revamping Your Outdoor Lighting

May 10, 2016 Revamping Your Outdoor Lighting

Sprinkler Portfolio 3Looking to shed a little light on your commercial property? You should be considering the benefits of outdoor lighting! Comprehensive and quality lighting solutions create a desired mood with customers and employees and helps your business truly stand out. There is a wide range of benefits of landscape lighting, like security, added safety, and curb appeal. It’s easy to see why landscaping lighting is the best way to help your property stand out. But, how can you incorporate creative lighting into your space? Precision has some ideas.

You want your property to make a statement and you can do that is by creating some visual interest to your building’s entrance. In addition to potted plants near entryways, installing landscape lighting can really benefit the area, by drawing customers straight to your door. Try using down-lighting from the building or ones that shine up from a nearby flowerbed. Another great way to utilize lighting is by pathways and walkways. Staggered path lights along sidewalks and walkways will help with traffic flow around your commercial property. These added lights help people increase their sense of safety and security. You want your business space to be well lit for safety, security and aesthetic benefits, but you don’t want the lights to overpower the space. Adding downlights in trees or along structures can help illuminate the space without blinding anyone. Installing lights under seating walls is another way to create a naturally bright ambience.

These are some pretty great ideas for your commercial lighting landscape designs. And, they can all be easily installed, when you call Precision. We will meet with you to discuss your needs and to assess the site. Once we’ve collaborated and created your landscape lighting design, installation begins! Usually, our installations can be completed in one day and our experts, or as we call them Shining Nights, are always on hand to make sure your project runs smoothly.

In addition, Shining Nights offers a Landscape Lighting System Continuing Care Agreement. For a nominal annual fee, we will maintain your landscape lighting system investment. This includes replacement of all bulbs should they go out, resetting of timers, testing voltage at the fixtures, proper positioning and repositioning of fixtures, and even provide recommended enhancements to your current lighting program.

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