Security or Decorative Lights

July 5, 2016 Security or Decorative Lights

security lightsHere at Precision, we love lights! Our Shining Nights team is comprised of the leading experts in lighting and landscape design and is available for any lighting questions day or night. Lately, we’ve noticed that our customers have some questions when it comes to the type of lights they should use on their homes. So, we’ve decided to shed some light on the situation. We believe that there are two different types of lighting that you can should include into your lighting and landscaping design; security and decorative. These lights serve different functions but work simultaneously to create a vision of both safety and beauty. Let’s break them down.

Security Outdoor Lights

Like the name implies, security lights are used to make the home safer. It is well known that homes that are well lit are less likely to be invaded, but security lights can do so much more for your home. Not only does having lights on make the home look busy and active, but also lights brighten up the outdoor space, making intruders more visible. When choosing security lights, focus on the key areas of your property and opt for low level illumination. This gentle light allows people to see the objects within and around the light, keeping the home more protected. In addition, broad coverage is necessary in isolated areas, around walkways and paths, and around driveways. Try security lights that include a motion detector. The light will automatically turn on when the sensors detect movement and turn off after a preset time.

Decorative Landscape Lights

Decorative lights are different than security lights in that they are purely for decorative purposes. That’s not to say that security or safety lights can’t be decorative, but the way in which you use aesthetic lighting is different. Basically, you select the lights you like and arrange them in positions that are visually appealing. There are certain factors to keep in mind, such as: focal points, light quality, balance, symmetry, and comfort. Pick certain points in your landscape that you want to highlight, such as topiaries, pool decks, or patios. If you’re unsure of how to create a distinctive decorative lighting scheme, don’t worry! Our Shining Nights are on hand to answer any and all questions.

This summer, provide your home with both security and beauty. If you’ll be traveling, security lights are a natural way to deter intruders. If you’ll be hosting backyard BBQ’s or pool parties, you’ll want to have a safe and visible walkway for guests. And of course, you want your home to look stunning the whole season through, which is why a combination of security and decorative lighting are necessary. Call the experts at Precision Sprinklers and Lighting, to create the lighting landscape of your dreams!